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The shoe trends that will elevate your look in 2022 

It’s time to talk about the upcoming trends in 2022. From over-the-knee to chunky boots – we’re going to show you a variety of stylish shoes that will accompany you during this year. The motto is practical and casual, with a sensitiveness for details. Thankfully there’s plenty of styles to choose from! 

We can’t seem to peel ourselves away from chunky boots and the good news is, we don’t have to. The new year offers a big variety of chunky shoes – both the classic variant as well as a colored sole are going to be part of the fashion scene. The combination of simple style with a flash of bright colors is the perfect way to experiment with your own style.

Although the high boot trend will stay, there is also an alternative that we’re going to see more regularly in the next time – the low boot option. You can combine our models CPH735 and CPH570 perfectly with a jeans or leggings and a leather jacket for a contrasting look.

Another choice for 2022 are the knee boots. You may already know the slim and very sexy option from the last couple of years. The future look is going to shift. The slim silhouette is occurring in a looser and crunched up look as well as with a thicker, more chunky sole that is already dominating the international runways. You can style our CPH551 or CPH556 with shorter dresses for an effortless contrast – masculinity meets femininity.

Classic Silhouettes with a twist are a well seen option in 2022. Flashy soles are going to be a special detail in the shoe world, that lead you to spicing up your look even more. Our brand offers a big selection of boots you can choose from. We are a big fan of these three options. 

A boot with a chunky heel is going to be your statement piece this year, which additionally brings back the popular look from the 80’s. Our Shoe CPH803 can be perfectly paired with wide denim and a leather jacket, to give you that edgy and cool look.

Last but not least – Sneakers. We all need a classic and comfortable shoe in our life. We suggest a simple pair of plain sneakers that fit every outfit perfectly. You can combine our models CPH309, CPH40 and CPH64 with a pair of basic denim jeans or even with a more chic wide pant for a cool look. 

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We hope you’re going to find your perfect fit for this special year 2022! 


Your CPNHGN Crew