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COPENHAGEN is a contemporary footwear brand founded in 2017.

The collections are defined by minimalistic designs, smooth leathers and subtle colours. Capturing the spirit of the Danish capital while embracing innovative craftsmanship.

The design studio is located in the heart of Copenhagen. The leather comes from family-owned tanneries in Italy and the footwear is produced by small manufacturers in Europe.

All pieces are finished by hand
in order to ensure the highest quality.

Living the legacy of the 3rd generation of shoemakers, COPENHAGEN builds upon innovative craftsmanship. Contemporary designs and functional details characterise every collection. Precision, quality and fairness are at the core of everything we do. 

With more than 400 partners, own retail stores and a strong digital presence, the brand has grown internationally. Throughout Europe, and beyond. Striving to make minimalistic, high-quality footwear accessible to a large audience, while always staying true to who we are. 

Togetherness is rooted in our brand’s DNA. We actively care about people and the environment. And at the same time, we bring a relaxed attitude to everyday life. Embracing the moments that matter. Anywhere, anytime, together.