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Stepping towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainability is at the core of who we are. But what does this actually mean?

1. We are 100% made in Europe.

All of our materials originate from Europe and are also produced in Europe. This way, we keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible and ensure that our products and their production meet the best possible standards. 

2. We do not overproduce.

 We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and limiting overconsumption as well as overproduction. Therefore, it could be possible that some styles are temporary out of stock! By signing up for our back-in-stock notification, you let us know how much we should produce in the near future.

3. We use environmentally friendly materials.

 Many of our styles are made from recycled materials such as our ‚seabottle’ nylon from recycled ocean plastic and our rubber soles. We are also working more and more with chrome-free leather, which means that the material does not undergo hazardous processes. And our Loungewear is made of 100% organic cotton. 

4. We work together with ‘gold-standard tanneries’.

 Using gold-rated leather allows us to be confident about the impact that our products have from the source. We are happy to extent our work with gold-standard tanneries! It also means that our customers can buy from us knowing that they get a responsible product – from the materials, right through to production and delivery. 

5. We partner with family-owned factories.

 We believe in our planet and familiar relationships with our partners and build upon trust, transparency, and fairness. Because we love the longevity of our products and believe in long-lasting relationships.

We actively care for a better tomorrow, together. This is why we make sustainable choices today. So that each of our choices becomes a step towards a more sustainable future.

Are you joining us on this journey?

Let’s go!