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For our new colourful Speed to Spring sneakers we decided to shoot in the German capital. Berlin stands for urbanity, diversity & the vibrant fashion scene – the perfect mirror of our newest collection. The location of our choice: The PRINCE CHARLES Berlin. One of the most famous party locations in the city well known for its turquoise pool basin & rough industry details. 

We are launching sneaker classics from the 90’s, with a modern interpretation. Pastel colours like dusty green, rosé & lilac provide a good mood & street style look. As always our main focus is on high quality, fair production and a modern & timeless design. What we loved the most about our shoot was the preservation of the location, which particularly reflects our sense of sustainability. Preserving an old location and using it for new purposes perfectly fits our Copenhagen philosophy as we are also using recycled materials to give them new purpose.

CPH463 im Prince Charles
CPH463 im Prince Charles
CPH463 im Prince Charles


For our shoot, characterized by striking vintage vibes, we chose Berlin-based photographer Jonas Huckstorf. Growing up in the German Baltic Sea town of Warnemünde, Jonas first moved to Hamburg to study photography, then to London & New York. Today he is living in Berlin – the city that combines New York multiculturalism with London street style. We seized the moment and conducted a short interview with Jonas Huckstorf:

“How do you see the project in contrast to others, what was exciting on this shooting day? “

Compared to other productions it was fun to finally dive into the 90’s again, the time I grew up. I had so much fun capturing the models while dancing, singing and living some of my childhood memories wether it was colorful outfits or 90’s music that made the shooting day unforgettable.

 „What do you think is special about the Prince Charles Location from a photographer’s point of view?“

I guess we couldn’t have picked a better shooting location since the the former hip hop club gave us all the vibes we needed for this one. Because of the architectural and statics elements we had so many possibilities and angles to work and to play with. It is always great to be able to move and tell a story using the whole location. What really caught everyones interest was the old swimming pool with its turquoise tiles. Definitely the eye catcher of our Speed To Spring Production.

“Where do you see the connection between the prince Charles Location and the Copenhagen Speed to Spring collection?”

As I said, we couldn’t have picked a better location. The history of this  former club house as well as its interior gave us the complete 90’s vibe. Combined with the Copenhagen Studios Speed to Spring collection everything was brought to life and I think people can really see that in the photos. I instantly think of the song „Young Forever“ by Beyoncé and Jay-Z – I think we all had the chance to became young again and dive back into the 90’s, at least for a day.

“What do you associate with the Copenhagen Speed to spring collection?”

Freedom. Color. Joy. Music.