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Investing in sustainability through longevity.

Oh what a joy that clothes give us the possibility to mark our personality!
But are we really as free and individual as we think? And is there truly so much (sustainable) joy in it?

Seemingly every second the fashion industry tells us what to wear and which polarizing trend to follow. They decide which new styles get normed, at least for a couple of weeks before they quickly jump to the next one. And god forbid if you miss it!

Whether you like it or not following trends kind of lies in our basic human needs as we want to belong to a certain social group. After all adaption and security within a tribe was what let us survive back in the days of evolution. Hence we urge to underline our social position through clothes. Being it the new it-bag, overloaded logo prints or a fucked-up Berlin Kreuzberg „I never really think about what I wear“ look. It all is affiliation in its finest form. 

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that following fashion and its trends is an indispensable, social desire that often is in contrast to our believes that fashion is an expression of uniqueness. It most certainly can be, but it most likely unifies and makes us all look more a like.

That itself wouldn’t necessarily be a problem. But since the consumption in the fashion industry is so fast pasted and people chase all the given trends in wise anticipation not to step out of the „cool crowd“ that they want to belong to, sustainability suffers. Way too many clothes that quickly get out of style and get tossed into the „definitely bringing this one to the flea market at any time in the future“- garbage bag. Obviously it never makes it there.

On the other hand the demand and urge of sustainability in fair trade and production as well as the responsibility in correct consumption has become louder than ever. Everybody is encouraged to work on their social responsibility. To change firmly established structures and behaviors of our strong ego which is definitely the hardest. Being it brands or the consumers themselves. Everyone is held up for action. Everyone is being called to rethink. But what if we furthermore stop chasing every single trend but investing in longevity?
Start buying less and therefor invest into long lasting products and timeless, qualitative classics. Products that don’t have a half-life period. It is my firm believe that this already can make a difference and cause positive, effective changes. This is probably why I am personally so into minimalism and timelessness when it comes to style. It is a true helper. 

So I am happy to give you some support and styling ideas together with Copenhagen Studios. Combing minimalistic black slippers, simple white sneakers, a black timeless tote bag or beautiful soft leather boots. These items are definitely chique evergreens, that go hand in hand with nearly everything and that are after all long lasting companions due to their high quality. Copenhagen Studios is a brand that successfully has managed to extend the half-life of trend pieces through modern but timeless designs and therefor creates all-time favorites. A brand that unites the aim for trends with sustainable consumption.