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Monochrome Look – Autumn Trend 2021

Let’s get monochrome! 

After the generally dull summer, we are looking forward to a hopefully golden autumn. And like every year a new season also means new trends!

One trend that we particularly like this year is the monochrome look. Here, the wearer decides on an autumnal trend color of her choice, e.g. beige, nude, navy, grey or khaki, and creates a look that moves exclusively in this color world. Different shades are not only allowed, but expressly desired so that the look does not appear monotonous.

1. The Casual Type 

If you prefer it simple and casual, a dark monochrome outfit is the best choice for autumn. A combination of an oversized sweater-dress, a black puffer jacket and black high boots is particularly wearable. This creates a sophisticated look that is not only suitable for everyday wear but also for the office.

2. The Sporty Type

For a sportier look, we’re unpacking our beloved loungewear again. Whether long or short, cashmere, cotton or wool, nothing is as comfortable and cozy as a jogging suit. And with the right accessories, this also becomes suitable for going out.

Especially with the short cashmere pants, our new CPH551 boot with the loose shaft is the perfect companion. It keeps the leg warm and provides a classy look despite the cuddly material. But also a tight cotton leggings with matching oversized sweater or a well-fitting sweat suit get a noble touch by our CPH735 oder CPH1001 Ankle Boot. For a more urban look, we recommend a casual sneaker, like our CPH51 and a loose puffer jacket. 

3. The Tough Type

Last but not least, we come to a more chic monochrome look in navy blue. Matching our new CPH551 High Boot we have combined a pair of midi-short jeans and a two-tone leather jacket. This creates a straight, dressed up look that gives its wearer a fashion conscious & tough appearance.

Which Monochrome type are you? 

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