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We at COPENHAGEN STUDIOS mastered the balancing act of creating a stylish and comfortable shoe for your everyday life, by only choosing the softest materials.

Here, we do not only have high standards regarding the original style and comfort, but also a high approach to implementing more and more sustainable materials as recycled nylon and organic fabrics. We focus on innovative manufacturing processes and functional designs and every detail is perfected by hand.

One perfect example for these light and comfortable implemented materials are our plush slides CPH811 neopren: They are the perfect company for a hot summer day with a relaxing end at one friend’s BBQ or a laid-back get together in the park. They are available in several colours and will for sure be the eyecatcher of your outfit!

Too subtle for you this season? We got you covered with some super comfortable chunky looks as well! Our CPH229 nylon is convenient with its open toe part and the slingback made of super light and comfortable padded recycled nylon. This sandal is super practical and adds more substance to your outfits and enhances your overall appearance.

You are more the sneaker type? Maybe you should try our perfect light weighted CPH775 or the CPH774, which is made out of organic canvas. These classic 80’s inspired kicks will for sure be your favourite companion during these hot summer days.

As you can see this season’s styles are all about standing out, while being comfortable. If you need more inspiration on how to style and implement the shoes in your looks, don’t forget to check out our latest postings and stories on Instagram.

We are more than curious and excited to get to know your favourite summer style. Tell us about it on our Instagram @copenhagen_studios.