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Marie Hindkaer reveals her favorite spots for the holiday season. From Danish specialties to action-packed activities for the whole family, there’s something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the contemplative Christmas season in Denmark.

Christmas magic at Tivoli

,,The Christmas market at Tivoli feels a lot more authentic, than the markets around town. Here you can experience the Christmas season intensively and walk along many stalls, where you can buy delicious food, decoration etc. The magnificent old gardens in the middle of Copenhagen are fantastically decorated for Christmas. There are also special attractions for children here at Christmas time, for example, they can visit Santa’s house or use one of the many rides.”

Action at the Skating Rink

,,Ice skating is one of the most exciting things you can do during Christmas time. Here in Denmark we love it, that’s why you can find several skating rinks here. It’s not only fascinating for kids, it’s the perfect thing for a family trip or a (first) date. With the right music in the background, it is even more fun. And for the fearful among us, it is also nice to watch all the happy faces from the outside – it is worth a visit!”

Food pleasure at Aebleskiver Cafes

,,At Café Mirabelle you can taste the typical Danish Aebleskiver pancake balls that we eat for Christmas. Usually, it’s served with hot mulled wine, in danish it’s called gløgg. You can choose between Aebleskiver served with syrup, jam or powdered sugar. It’s a dessert that is baked in a cast iron pan that looks like an egg poacher. If you are in Denmark, you really must try it!”

Enjoy the magical Christmas time in Copenhagen!